VOISS is a virtual reality experience that uses social situations and scenarios to effectively teach social skills. VOISS Advisor supports teacher professional learning. With the innovative features of virtual reality, students can immerse themselves into a virtual environment to develop the skills necessary for the demands of the classroom.


An extended reality environment, enhanced with artificial intelligence that teaches social skills to middle school students, especially those with Autism and Learning Disabilities.

voiss app

With 140 scenarios, covering 183 skills, VOISS offers unparalleled, broad, and deep coverage of social skill instruction for middle school students.

voiss advisor

VOISS Advisor is the teacher professional development website that supports educators as they help students generalize learned social skills into the physical environment.

research base

Backed by over 15 years of research and development out of the University of Kansas, Project VOISS provides evidence-based instruction and practice for students and teachers.

work with us

Through our work we have entered into several partnerships with school districts, universities, and companies. Please let us know how we can collaborate with you!

Teach Social Skills

  • Do you think Virtual Reality would be an engaging way for students to learn?
  • Do you need help teaching social skills to students?
  • Would lesson plans or case studies help you better understand your students and their needs?
  • Would it help to see sample IEP goals in social skill learning and generalization?
  • Would you like more information on the evidence-based practices needed to support social skills?